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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day 6: Feeling the Love

From the Journal of Dr. Brittany Larkin:

Day 6... first let me say the responses and love I have received from my initial post yesterday has fill my heart with so so much love I can hardly breathe! Thank you all for that. Also the sheer number of shares and people (even not typically prayers) that are praying for me is astonishing. God is already using my story for his Glory!

I've been feeling ok today, had a rough night but was able to visit with so many wonderful friends and family. I waited most of the day to learn we are still awaiting the results of the 2 genetic tests that are needed to finalize my exact treatment. But the awesome perseverance of one of my oncology doctors calling the labs and talking with the God send of a specialist who will manage my case, they have decided to begin the first part of treatment tomorrow. It's not actually Chemo yet, but it's the first step and should start killing the B cells that are spreading this cancer. So cheers to that! Then as the genetic results come in, we will modify as needed. So I just got my pic line put in, which means I'm ready to start first thing in the morning. It also means no more blood draws. Double yay for that. I don't mind the shots, but 4 times a day has angered my veins and they have started saying uh no thanks.

Specific prayer requests are that the genetic markers are discovered quickly and are not resistant to the treatment and that the treatment I get tomorrow begins to work the miracle of modern medicine. God is so good! Miracles in medicine, Miracles in expertise, Miracles in timing, Miracles in love!

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