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Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 7: Family

Day 7...I was able to finally see my sweet babies! I hadn't seen them in over a week! My heart was smiling!
Praise report #1- the medical specialist at these teaching hospitals are in 2/3 week rotations. So beginning tomorrow and for the remainder of my treatment process is a world renowned lymphoma cancer specialists! Say what!, huge huge miracle at play here. When we first received the news on the type of cancer, Scott started researching where would be the best place to receive this treatment. He asked one of the oncology residents who replied to be completely honest, you want to be here, THIS specialist is and he will be right here! Overseeing your case the whole time! Praise Praise Praise Jesus! He has delivered the best expert right here to me!
Praise report 2- we started the fight today! I began the first step in my treatment this afternoon and it should be done by 8 am. This treatment in particular is right now, as I write this, is resolving the cancerous B cells. So the cancer is actively being killed right now. Even better...this is not actually the Chemo, so it isn't harming my actual cell body, just the bad "prongs" that are coming out of the cell body! Killing the cancer but not the cell! Miracles in modern medicine!
Prayer request, still waiting in the genetic markers, pray they are favorable. My body is tolerating these meds pretty well at a lower ratio, pray that continues. Pray my pain stays at bay, and prayer for all the cancer to be killed.
"It's you're breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise to you only! Great are you Lord!"

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