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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 8: Going for the Cure

Day 8! I couldn't even wait for the end of the day to share! Jesus has heard our prayers! Dr Medha the specialist God placed right here at UAB in his perfect timed miracle came in to meet me and explain where we stand. So basically I have one of 3 types of large B cell lymphoma. The most aggressive is a Burkett B cell, which will require the most aggressive treatment, but it is expected totally cure the disease! The next type a non Burkett large cell b lymphoma, the cells are little smaller and don't require as aggressive treatment, but again is expected total cure. The third kind is in the middle is non Burkett but with some Burkett traits. The treatment plan for that option is not as defined as the other 2, but again is totally curable. I asked which one should I pray for? He responded prayer is always good, but in all these scenarios we are going for cure!

Today is the first we've heard this! Of course we've believed it all along hearing the specialist confirm it has proven yet again, God is in control!

Praise be ever on my lips ever on my lips. Praise be ever on my lip, oh Lord!

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"Life Is Motion"
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