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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 9: The Heart of a Doctor

Day 9 is in the books. I'm feeling pretty good today. Walked about 2 miles around the hallways, got to spend some sweet sweet time with my Grandma, aunts Joan and Katy, Uncle Bob, and cousin Brandon. It lifted my spirits just to see them. As they left, they all prayed over me and Y'all the Holy Spirit had filled this space. It was electric, tangible, and overwhelming!

Dr. Mehta came in to say he's hopeful we will have the final DNA information tomorrow and once that comes in, we can start treatment within 2 hours. He's is so kind, he has been calling the lab twice a day to get the answers before they even make it to the system. His care for me as a person and not just a patient is such a blessing. He spent some time talking about how this treatment would make it unlikely I'd ever be able to have kids anymore and if that was something I wanted he would send people over to talk about freezing eggs and such. While I never planned to have anymore kids, it struck my heart that he cared enough for my future to discuss that. Awesome doctor!

I'm scheduled to have the Picc line removed tomorrow morning and the port put in. It will be a small procedure where I'll have to be sedated. But the doctor wants to be ready to run with the treatment and not have to wait for the port. So we will be ready!

Praise report- the most significant pain I have is in the evening and comes from the nerve pain in my face. It's unbearable, but tonight is the first in over 3 weeks I didn't have it! Thank you Jesus.

Prayer request, please continue to pray my body accepts the treatment and penetrated the brain to ensure total healing. Please pray for my family, this has been hard on them. And mostly, please pray that God continues to make our miracle visible and to work on the hearts of all those who need him.

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