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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The "C" Word- Road Blocks in Life

Hello Everyone,
I will be changing the focus of my blog for a while to focus on the struggles of dealing with Cancer. On Feb 20th, 2017 my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 B-Cell Lymphoma.  Her strength through this has been nothing short of amazing and very inspiring for me.  She has been journaling her experience via Facebook, but I have decided to transfer those journals to this blog with hopes that her strength, courage,and incredibly upbeat spiritual experience can help, motivate, and inspire others in this battle.

From The Journal of Dr. Brittany Larkin:

Dear friends and family, I don't always post about my private life but starting today, I going to use my Facebook as my blog to share my experiences and progress toward becoming a cancer survivor! I truly believe this will take a miracle. And when I'm granted this miracle, it will be a greater mission of mine to shine so all around can whiteness the miraculous grace of my savior!

So, to get you caught up here's the cliff notes.
Jan 24 I started having headaches and a little numbness under my left eye. So I went to the Doc and had an MRI which was clear. My headaches continued to get worse and so did the numbness. I saw chiropractors, ENTs,neurologists, and ER doctors. No one could find out what was wrong. But I knew I was getting worse and needed help.

Sunday, Feb. 19 I asked my sweet sister to bring me to the university hospital at UAB. After a long wait in the ER I was taken back and met a plethora of talented doctors who vowed to help me figure it all out. Within a few hours, I had scans and X-rays and blood work and they found a mass behind my sinus cavity outside my brain but in my optical nerve. After that they ran more tests. Which came back looking strongly like lymphoma. That night I met with a neurosurgeon. My prayers for pain relief were heard and met with the talent of these doctors and nurses.

Monday morning they removed a mass that was on my right temple and sent it off to pathology to determine what type of lymphoma we were dealing with. At this point the prayer chains in full swing. I have had total peace trusting in the grace of God and the talent he surrounded me with. I did get overwhelmed by the pouring out of love for me by so many near and far. You have touched my heart.
Tuesday, we were still in the data gathering stages and awaiting biopsy results. I had to have a spinal tap. To see if there were cells in my fluid (and there are). I was so anxious about the pain associated with this. But as I lay in the fetal position waiting for the needles to penetrate my spinal column, I prayed and prayed and prayed. And guess what, it didn't hurt! God heard my prayer once again!

Wednesday I was told we also needed to test my bone marrow and take a bone chip from my hip bone. Again, oh crap this is going to hurt. Even the doctors were apologizing because it was going to hurt. So as I lay on my stitched up face and await the pain, I prayed..hard! And guess what? It didn't hurt! Praise Jesus. Delivered once again from the pain and put in the experts care (btw- UAB is a teaching hospital and it was a student who did this procedure).

That brings us to today, it was a long day of waiting. I had an EKG to make sure I'd be healthy enough to start the Chemo. And the first confirmed diagnosis is in. I have stage 4 B cell lymphoma. It's stage 4 because it is spreading pretty aggressively. It's now around my brain, my colon, liver, and spleen. But because it's aggressive that means it should respond well to the treatment. The Chemo will attach the B cells and should wipe out all the lymphoma. Yay. BUT here's the new prayer request. They are awaiting genetic markers that will tell them if my body will be more resistant to the Chemo. We want that to be a no. So please concentrate your prayers on that now. The next complication is the cancer in the brain may be a different kind of cancer and require different treatment. So please pray that the experts in charge will be guided by God in making this decisions and that my body will respond. As of now it looks like treatment will begin either Saturday or Sunday.

I'll keep you all posted! PS a special shout out to my friends for helping with the kids this week. I love y'all!

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