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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 13: Trust in God's Plan

Day 13... not much to report but praises. I didn't have any procedures. Because of all the fluid build up yesterday, everyone thought it best to just let my system rest and recover. And boy did it. I've slept A LOT today. I've walked. My mobility is returning greatly (amazing how little you can move with an extra 15 lbs of pee in you body).
Overall, good restful day!

Spent some time digging a little deeper into my faith. I know it's easiest to call upon the Lord and trust that he is going to heal you. I have trust that will move a mountain! I have peace unimaginable! But how deep is that love when it's discovered His plan isn't Your plan? I want to say I know through this experience no matter what Gods plan for me is I will love and praise him because only He can see the grand picture. I know this is not new information to Christians. But I think it's a hard one to truly live by. Love God, no matter what the answer is.

Prayer Request- we start the M part of therapy tomorrow. This is the one that will penetrate the layers of my brain. So very important! It will be a 24 hour treatment and rough on my kidneys. So pray all goes well. This Chemo will be destroying all the cells. So we need it to get in work quick then we can start the antidote to save as many good cells as possible.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day 12: Humble Pie

Day 12...humble pie... so it was no secret we were waiting for magic Wednesday from the DNA labs to start Chemo. We were anxious but had a plan. Then when we had the plan paused because the ph level of my system was not "ready" to fully engage in the meds....meaning more waiting. I got very frustrated, the doctors got frustrated. No one knew why my body wasn't responding to the increases that were being pushed. The pharmacist said they don't get it, I gave you ph, so your blood goes up in ph (but yours isn't?!?).

Well the doctors decide to proceed with the second part of the Chemo that I was scheduled to get today anyway. So I received the CHOP part today and the cancer is officially being attacked! I didn't feel sick. If anything just tired. Except this annoying swelling and bladder pressure.

So while Chemo is going the doctors turn back to the ph issues and realize they have been pushing and pushing fluid and I'm not putting it out fast enough. So they ordered a catheter and I'm not lying...drained 6,900cc of fluids out of my body in less than 12 hours! That's 7 bags of iv fluids!
That's why my ph numbers weren't going up. God was like hold up. Bigger problem here...remember the mass in you bottom, things won't work unless you fix that first.

So while I was taking my eyes off the Him and focusing on the waves, I began to drown a bit in self pity, anger, frustration, etc. But all to be served another big ole piece of grace and told to keep my eyes above the waves. Because I am His and He is mine!

Prayer request- help me keep my eyes above the waves! Help me recognize the miracles like the nurse who said hey why don't we try a catheter. Pray that this miracle medicine kicks cancers butt. And pray that I can receive the M part of the treatment in the morning!
Love you all!

"Life Is Motion"

"Life Is Motion"
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