Sunday, October 18, 2009

JC'S "Life's Sets and Reps"

I just got back from a great personal training business and marketing seminar. There were many great speakers, but I just wanted to highlight a slide from one of the speakers for todays blog.

Juan Carlos Santana is very well know in the fitness industry for his "functional fitness" mentality. But what I liked about his presentation this weekend was that it was different than his normal presentation. This presentation dealt with handling "Life". Many people come to us to help make them physically better, but there are usually so many unresolved components of peoples daily life that make helping the "physical" very difficult if not impossible.

So, JC presented a slide he labeled "Life's Sets and Reps". And I wanted to share it with you here today. Hope you enjoy it. I feel many of us spend to much time in some of these categories and greatly neglect some of the others

Enjoy and Keep moving

"Life's Sets and Reps"
Pure Spiritual time (1-3 hours per week) These activities do not take up physical energy. They allow you to feel calm, happy, and transcendence. Music, meditation, art, reading, etc.
Physical spiritual time (3-7 hours per week) These activities involve a rhythmic movement that provides a positive hormonal and psychological environment that allows one to be involved in positive imagery and self talk. This is exercise, problem solving, a pat on the back, and exercising the "will" of life.
Social Time (1-7 hours per week) Dedicate time to special people in your life (outside immediate family). Communicate with special friends that provide you with a secure social circle and an upbeat social environment.
Family Time (1-7 hours per week) Spend quality time with immediate family members (i.e. no TV, no cell phones, no distraction) If there are no family members around, substitute that time with close friends- thus the big range in time for both categories.
Work (40-50 hours per week) This is a must for most. However, the more courage one has to make work something they love to do, the closer they will be to true happiness. YOU CAN'T BE HAPPY MOST OF THE TIME IF YOU ARE MISERABLE AT WORK MOST OF THE TIME.
Good Sleep (49- 56 hours per week) Enough can't be said about this activity- most Americans are sleep deprived- even if they spend many hours in bed. Good Sleep (7-8 hours per night)!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't just warm up.....Get Moving!!

Dynamic Warm-Up

Gone are the days of walking on a treadmill and static stretching before exercise or some sort of sport or activity. Research shows us that although static stretching is still great for increasing range of motion, it is also great at shutting down our nervous system. That is not so great when we are getting ready to exercise or engage in some form of athletic event! We need are bodies to be alert, we need our blood to be flowing strongly to the muscle, the muscles need to be loosened up, wide awake, and ready to produce at the top of their game!

What our bodies need is a good dynamic, movement based warm-up prior to activity. The Dynamic Warm-up is a warm-up routine that improves flexibility, cardiovascular
readiness, and the level of neural excitation. A dynamic warm-up can be very specific to an activity, such as movements that will simulate the activities of playing tennis, or more general to help you prepare for a good calorie burning full body workout. What's great about a dynamic warm-up is that a properly performed dynamic warm-up will give you the benefits of increasing your heart rate and circulation like you might do on a treadmill, at the same time you will be increasing your range of motion to help prevent injury just like you would do with flexibility training! As a matter of fact, according to research by Fredrick and Szymanski when performed before, during, and after an exercise routine or sports performance the dynamic warm-up has been shown to decrease post-activity soreness as well as increase power production by 20% in addition to improved flexibility. The routine can be used as a way to increase recovery after and in between workouts.

I am in the process of making a video of these movements. In the mean time click the link below for my picture presentation:

Dynamic Warm up Pictures....

Enjoy! and get ready to sweat!

Keep Moving,

"Life Is Motion"

"Life Is Motion"
Turkish Get Up