Thursday, November 15, 2012

IWT- Interval Weight Training

Gator Gauntlet 2... Interval Weight Training is great for Mud Runs!

First off, WOW! It has been almost 3 months since my last post.  To say that I have been busy is an understatement.

On the positive side, although I have not been writing for this blog for way to long, I have been very consistent with my training.  And I actually have done some writing consistently for my bi-monthly newsletter.  I may have to post some of those article here.

Now on to Interval Weight Training (IWT).

I am currently in the middle of a 6 week strength phase.  Progress has been good, but I get bored easily and I needed to add something different into this phase, so I have inserted 1 day a week of IWT.

IWT is not a new concept.  As a matter of fact, many credit the concept to Pat O'Shea back in 1969.  Basically an IWT session involves a set of 8-12 reps of an "athletic lift" immediately followed by a high intensity round cardio activity at around 90-95% capacity.  That is followed by a two minute rest.  Repeat this series for 3 sets and you have completed one circuit.  Then chose a new lift and cardio activity for the second series and begin again.  The final series involves a circuit of complementary movements usually using body weight for 4-12 repetitions for 3-10 rounds.

I modified my workout a little to focus more on strength.  And I didn't stick with what I would consider an "athletic lift" for both movements.

Here it is:

Movement Prep- SMR, multiplaner lunges, T-squat progression, and inchworm push ups.

A1.  Single Arm Dumbbell row
A2.  Concept Row

B1.  Dead lifts (Trap bar)
B2.  Sprints

C1.  SB Hamstring curls
C2.  plank with reaches
C3.  Power Plate squats

Great workout! Great little change up to my strength program.  Back to heavy push program for tomorrow. 

For a little plateau breaker, try adding a IWT day into your program.

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