Monday, March 18, 2013

Time to "Go All In"


Do we have any pokers players out there?  Going “All In” is a phrase used when you bet all of your chips on a specific hand.  The goal, of course is to win the hand and become the most successful poker player in this game.

Recently, the Personal Training Team Leaders and I have been reading a book title “The 10X Rule”, by Grant Cardone.  In short, this is a book about taking massive action and being successful to the 10th degree.  We discuss the book every week during our team leader meeting and I personally have taken many great tips and strategies from this book, but there was one specific thing that stood out to me today while reading and it made me think about fitness and getting results. 

This specific section was listed as number 14 on the list of 32 ways we should act in order to be successful.

“Go All the Way”
“As they say in AA, “Half measures achieved us nothing.”  For members this meant that you can’t get sober if you are drinking- even a little bit.  In the world of success and achievement, half measures achieve nothing in terms of results- except for tiring out the person engaging in half measures.”

How many times have you heard someone tell you they didn’t get results when the exercised last.  They then go further onto say that they were consistent for about 3-4 weeks before they stopped because they didn’t see results.  Or even worse, “I was going to start exercising and eating well again, but I didn’t know what to do.  I have tried in the past but didn’t see results… so why bother.”  For those people, refer them to my last article on “Farming, Fitness, and Getting results”.  All too often people actually talk themselves into NOT taking action.  They can give me a list of 10 reasons why they can’t do something… I don’t know what to do? I don’t have time? I don’t have the money?  When all they need is to believe in the ONE reason they should take action.  That ONE reason might be different for everybody.  But take massive action on it.

For those others, it is time to go all in! Jump in with both feet!  If we want massive results, we have to take massive action.  Sometimes the only way to break that planning paralysis is to live by the motto, “ready, FIRE, aim”.  What that means is sometimes we just have to take action.  You’ll figure the rest out as you go.  And even better, you don’t have to figure anything out.  Your trainer will do that for you.  FIRE! Grant mentions at one point in his book an analogy of sky diving.  When you go sky diving, you don’t step out of the plane and then decide not to go through with it… you are in the free-fall already, you better enjoy the ride (that free-fall while skydiving is incredible by the wayJ).  But all too often in other endeavors of our life we do step into something with one foot only to step backwards with the other.  I can promise you one thing.  I you don’t FIRE, you will never hit your target. Period!
Yup! That's me.

If you are reading this you have already at least stepped into the fitness world with one foot.  It’s time to go all in!  Let’s take it to the next level.  We have some new tools that can supplement your current exercise program to optimize results.  If you have any questions about stepping up your game please don’t hesitate to ask your trainer or myself.

In stealing another line from Cardone, success is “your duty, your responsibility, and your obligation”.  At Gainesville Health and Fitness we will provide all the tools and environment to be successful, so let’s take massive action.  Ready… FIRE… aim!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fitness Farming and Results!


Hi Friends,

Today I want to speak to you about patience and farming.  Patience and farming?  What the heck does that have to with fitness?

Patience and farming have everything to do with fitness! Obtaining results in the fitness world is not something that gives us instant dividends.  We all want results instantly, actually we all want results yesterday.  But fact of the matter is, whether we want to hear it or not, reaching optimal fitness levels takes enormous amounts of patients coupled with extremely hard work. Period!

I started thinking about this process of patience and farming recently because it is about this time of year when people begin to get frustrated with the exercise process in terms of seeing results.  It reminded me of an article that I read years ago by a very successful strength and conditioning coach, Mike Boyle.  I went to the wonderful land of Google and have included this article below for you to read.

In the article Boyle uses the farming analogy in regards to fitness, but I also like to think of farming in regards to our attitude and our thoughts.  Our brains are like a farm.   I often tell my clients that every day they have to wake up and “chose your attitude”.  We all have bad days, don’t get me wrong, but we still have a choice to how we respond to those bad days.  If you chose to “plant” negative seeds in your head every day, negativity will eventually sprout.  And that will not only affect your outlook on success but it will also affect the people around you.  We need to make a practice of planting positive seeds into our brains on a daily basis.  Positive seeds of thought grow positive actions.  Alwyn Cosgrove summed it up best by saying, “Psychology trumps physiology every time”.

“Plant the seeds. Feed and water properly.  Wait for results; they will happen, not in days, but in weeks and months.”

Living Life with No Excuses… No Regrets!

"Training is Like Farming"

I think I remember Stephen Covey in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People making reference to what I believe he called “the law of the farm.” The reference was meant to show that most of the truly good things in life take time and can’t be forced or rushed. Covey described the process of farming and alluded to how it requires patience and diligence to grow crops properly. In addition, farming requires belief in the system. The farmer must believe that all the hard work and preparation will eventually yield a long-term result.

As a strength and conditioning coach, business owner and personal trainer, the concept has always stuck with me. The process of exercising is much like farming or like planting a lawn. There are no immediate results from exercise and there are no immediate results from farming.

First, the seeds must be planted. Then fertilizer (nutrition) and water must be applied consistently. Much like fertilizer in farming, too much food can be a detriment to the exerciser. Only the correct amounts cause proper growth. Overfeeding can cause problems, as can underfeeding. As I sit and wait for my lawn to sprout or crops to grow, I feel many of the same frustrations of the new exerciser. When will I see results? How come nothing is happening? All this work and — nothing.
The key is to not quit. Have faith in the process. Continue to add water and wait. Farming and exercising are eerily similar. Continue to exercise and eat well and suddenly a friend or co-worker will say, “Have you lost weight”? Your reaction might be, “It’s about time someone noticed.” Much like the first blades of grass poking through the ground, you begin to see success. You begin to experience positive feedback. Clothes begin to fit differently.

When my friends or clients talk to me about their frustration with their initial lack of progress in an exercise program, I always bring up the farm analogy. We live in a world obsessed with quick fixes and instant results. This is why the farm analogy can be both informative and comforting.
An exercise program must be approached over a period of weeks and months, not days. The reality is that there is no quick fix, no easy way, no magic weight loss plan, no secret cellulite formula. There is only the law of the farm. You will reap what you sow. In reality, you will reap what you sow and care for. If you are consistent and diligent with both diet and exercise, you will eventually see results. 

However, remember, much like fertilizer and water, diet and exercise go together.
Try to grow crops or a lawn without water. No amount of effort will overcome the lack of vital nutrients.
The law of the farm.
Plant the seeds.
Feed and water properly.
Wait for results; they will happen, not in days, but in weeks and months.

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"Life Is Motion"
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