Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

IWT- Interval Weight Training

Gator Gauntlet 2... Interval Weight Training is great for Mud Runs!

First off, WOW! It has been almost 3 months since my last post.  To say that I have been busy is an understatement.

On the positive side, although I have not been writing for this blog for way to long, I have been very consistent with my training.  And I actually have done some writing consistently for my bi-monthly newsletter.  I may have to post some of those article here.

Now on to Interval Weight Training (IWT).

I am currently in the middle of a 6 week strength phase.  Progress has been good, but I get bored easily and I needed to add something different into this phase, so I have inserted 1 day a week of IWT.

IWT is not a new concept.  As a matter of fact, many credit the concept to Pat O'Shea back in 1969.  Basically an IWT session involves a set of 8-12 reps of an "athletic lift" immediately followed by a high intensity round cardio activity at around 90-95% capacity.  That is followed by a two minute rest.  Repeat this series for 3 sets and you have completed one circuit.  Then chose a new lift and cardio activity for the second series and begin again.  The final series involves a circuit of complementary movements usually using body weight for 4-12 repetitions for 3-10 rounds.

I modified my workout a little to focus more on strength.  And I didn't stick with what I would consider an "athletic lift" for both movements.

Here it is:

Movement Prep- SMR, multiplaner lunges, T-squat progression, and inchworm push ups.

A1.  Single Arm Dumbbell row
A2.  Concept Row

B1.  Dead lifts (Trap bar)
B2.  Sprints

C1.  SB Hamstring curls
C2.  plank with reaches
C3.  Power Plate squats

Great workout! Great little change up to my strength program.  Back to heavy push program for tomorrow. 

For a little plateau breaker, try adding a IWT day into your program.

Living Life with No Regrets!... No Excuses!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Your Last excuse just went back to school!"

Wow! For the first time ever it has been more than 1 month since my last blog post. 

What happened to July?

Well the good news is I have continued a very constant training plan.  The bad news is I haven't written about them.  July has been a crazy month for me.   For starters, I closed on a new house on July 3rd then spent the next week moving in.  I then took a week off to head to Madeira Beach for a little rest and recovery time for which my body really needed.  Got back from the beach and had to continue the moving process... I will definitely hire a moving company for the next move!  Just as things started to get back to "normal" is was off to North Carolina to help my sister in law move down to Florida and into my old house.
So, again things are getting back to normal.  I am a routine kinda guy and I need normalcy.  Summer is almost over, kids will be back in school.  One of my favorite summer time quotes is "your last excuse just went back to school!" So lets "Do Work!"

Today I have 2 weeks worth of work outs for you to try.
Week 1
  1. Core Series: (30sec work- 15 sec rest for 3 minutes) repeat 2x
    1. DB Romanian dead lift
    2. Plank
    3. DB Romanian dead lift
    4. Plank
  2. Core Series: (30- 15 for 3 minutes) repeat 2x
    1. SB Bridge
    2. SB Bridge with leg extension
    3. pushups (multiple variations)
  3. Strength (40-15 for 4 minutes) repeat 3 x
    1. Lumbar jack press or DB squat to overhead press
    2. Split squat (rear leg elevated) right side
    3. Split squat (rear leg elevated) left side
    4. Val slide high plank reaches
  4. Strength (40-15 for 4 minutes) repeat 3 x
    1. Cable row
    2. KB Goblet Squat
    3. TRX row
    4. SB kneeling roll out

SB Kneeling rollout

Hamstring dives
 Week 2
  1. Core Series: (30sec. work - 15sec. rest  for 3 minutes) repeat 2x
    1. Hamstring dives right side
    2. Parner MB rotational toss right side
    3. Hamstring dives left side
    4. Parner MB rotational toss left side
  2. Strength (45-15) 3 x
    1. Lunge to curl
    2. Dumbbell single arm bench row, right
    3. Dumbbell single arm bench row, right
  3.  Strength (45-15) 3 x
    1. Kettle bell high pull
    2. KB swing curl
    3. KB American swing
      SB Pike roll in
    5. SB pike roll in
  4. "Metabolic finisher" (20-10) 4x
    1. Tube swimmers
    2. High plank step ups
    3. Ice skaters

Friday, June 29, 2012

How Catawampus are you?

Hey Everyone,

catawampus \kat-uh-WOM-puhs\ , adjective:
1. Off-center; askew; awry.
2. Positioned diagonally; cater-cornered.

Ok, So I am not sure if Catawampus is an appropriate word when describing asymmetries or imbalances in the human body, but I like the word so we will roll with it for today.

Often times imbalances in our bodies can lead to injuries or decreased performance.  So, today I want to show you two quick test that you can do to objectively measure left versus right imbalances in regards to core stability, hip stability, and balance.

Single Leg Balance Touch Down:  Start by standing on your right leg and set a timer for 60 seconds.  With your right arm reach down and touch the floor, bending the knee if needed.  Count how many times you are able to touch the ground in 60 seconds.  Then stand on the left leg and repeat.  Take note of the count difference right versus left as well as taking note of overall balance and stability right versus left.

Side Plank:  Start by laying on the right side of your body with your body alignment perfectly straight as in the pictures below.  Keep your elbow and feet on the ground and then raise the rest of your body off of the ground and start a timer.  When you are not able to keep perfect body alignment or simply cannot hold your body off the ground anymore stop the timer and take note of the duration of the hold.  Repeat on the left side and again take note of the time difference from right to left side.

You will now have a basic understanding of asymmetries and imbalances in your body in regards to your “core”, hip stability and balance.  Give it a try and then start training appropriately to create stability and symmetry.

Living Life with no Excuses!... No Regrets!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Funtastic 40!

Happy Friday Everyone,
After a 2 week break I am back to the FITE Club.  "Break" is probably not the best word to describe my hiatus from the club.  Over the past 2 weeks I have run the Gator Gauntlet Mud Run, traveled to Destin, Fl. for a wedding and have been going through all the steps to buy a new house.  But, with all that it feels good to back to my Friday morning adventures.

This week Robin is off in Mexico enjoying a little vacation so we had to keep up the intensity while she is gone.  Today I had planned a special birthday workout for Jim, but everyone was thankful that he was out of town.  The plan was to complete 58 repetitions of every exercise to celebrate Jim's 58th birthday.  But, since Jim was on vacation we did the Funtastic 40 instead.

Here we go...

Warm up using the TRX suspension trainers:
  1. TRX forward lunge/ chest stretch- 20 reps
  2. TRX deep squats- 20
  3. TRX Push ups- 20
  4. TRX Body rows- 20
Core Series: 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest. 3 Rounds
  1. SB Plank/ Plank
  2. SB Bridge pullover
  3. Sky Divers
Time to JAM!- 40 repetitions of each exercise.  3 or 4 rounds depending on time

  1. 1/4 mile run or 400 meter row
  2. Kettle Bell front squats (goblet or rack position)- 40
  3. SB Push ups - 40 (I actually forgot these during the workout today, but they were in my program)
  4. SB Prone dumbbell row- 40
  5. KB Pass through lunges- 20 each leg (40 total)
  6. Medicine Ball Russian twist- 40

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Living Life with No Excuses!... No Regrets!

Friday, May 18, 2012

This is My Motivation!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!
I think we all need something to motivate us.  Some times it is an internal drive, and sometimes it is an external push from somebody or something. 

This is one of the main things that motivates me to everyday do something to get better.
My daughter Reese
Find that motivation and do everything it takes to be successful at whatever you are trying to accomplish. 

... now, on to todays FITE Club workout.  Robin is jetsetting off to NYC so it was just me and the other 12 clubbers today.  For todays workout we did one of my favorite circuits.  This is a Turkish Get up (TGU) progression circuit.  Each exercise in this circuit represents a portion of the TGU.

Set up 9 stations.  Complete 60 seconds at each station and repeat 3-4 times through.

  1. Body Bar sit up reach
  2. Kettle Bell Plank row (with push up)
  3. Kettle Bell Swing
  4. Lunge with MB rotation
  5. KB Clean- press
  6. KB Windmill
  7. KB Goblet squat
  8. "Ropes gone wild" (rope slams... nothing to do with the TGU, but kicks your ass!)
  9. KB Turkish get up


Living Life with no Regrets!... No Excuses!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Morning,
As the Gator Guantlet fastly approaches we needed to include a little more cardio interval work into our program.  Friday's FITE Club had another large crowd and we put together this interval ladder to keep our HR's up while challenging the entire body.  The first part of this ladder can be used as a work capacity baseline test as well.  Just start the timer on the first exercise and record your time as you finish your last burpee.  Try this one on for size!  For the cardio interval components this program is designed to be run on the treadmill, but if you do not like the treadmill you can choose a bike or rowing machine, it will just add time to burn the prescribed calories on the bike or rower.

50 Kcal cardio
50 Jump Squats
40 Kcal
40 Plyo lunges
30 Kcal
30 MB Slams
20 Kcal
20 American swings
10 Kcal
10 Burpees

10 Kcal
10 Push ups
20 Kcal
20 Box jumps
30 Kcal
30 DB Thruster
40 Kcal
40 Lateral lunges
50 Kcals
50 MB Russian Twists

This is a great calorie burning workout that will keep your metabolism spiked for hours!

Living life with No Regrets!... No Excuses!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Brutal FITE Club Workout 5/4/2012

Today was one of those days... You know, one of those days that you just don't want to get out of bed in the morning.  Let alone to workout!  I went to bed last night not feeling 100%.  But, the alarm screamed at 5 am and I knew it was time to Do Work!  I told myself, "Lets do this!"  Today is Friday and I want to make it a short day and it starts with a Killer workout.

Brutal is the best way I can describe today's workout.  Robin brought the heat today, and I can tell you now that I am glad I dragged my butt out of bed because I feel Awesome!

We broke records today at the FITE Club.  We had an all time high 17 Clubbers! And to give you an idea of how brutal today's workout was we finished with 5 clubbers going strong.  I actually thing only 2 clubbers finished the prescribed volume (reps) due to time constraints... this one took a little longer than expected.

So, what was the freak'n workout already?  Here you go.

  1. Single Arm Kettle Bell Swing
  2. SA KB High Pull
  3. SA KB Clean
  4. KB Squat (rack position)
  5. Reverse lunge (rack position)
  6. KB Jerk or push press
  7. KB Snatch
    1. + 1 Turkish Get Up

Today was a Kettle Bell ladder.  We started with 10 repetitions of each exercise, right side and then left side.  After you completed all 7 exercises (140 total reps) plus 1 Turkish Get Up, you then start again, this time with 9 reps of everything (126 total reps), then 8, 7, 6, 5... you get the picture.

Speaking of picture...


Warm up: "Around the Worlds"
Everyone did Awesome!  The people that didn't make it to the ends was because the 7 o'clock hour hit and it was off to work.

Its was great to see former GHF Personal Trainer Tallie Nordilus make the workout today.  Sharen made her first FITE Club workout today! Welcome to the club.  And Troy was back after about a month off.  Great effort by everyone, and a great way to kick off Friday and the weekend.

See you next week!

Living Life with No Regrets!... No Excuses!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Balls, Bells, and Ropes!!

Hi Everyone,
FITE Club was jamming this morning with 14 clubbers.  Amber was new to the group (she was actually new last week, but I didn't blog about it), and Olga was back after a long hiatus.  Jim, Frank, Margaret, Ana, Robin, Diane, Matt, Heather, Jenna, Di, Sabrina and myself rounded out the group.

Today we did a 6 exercise circuit with a "finisher".  We stayed at each station for 60 seconds, with a 15 second transition between stations.  We then completed 3 total rounds.

  1. Agility Ladder
  2. Lunge with KB or Sledge chop
  3. Rope Slams
  4. KB Sumo dead lifts
  5. Bosu- MB Russian Twist
  6. KB Swings
Finisher: (descending Pyramid from 5 to 1)
  1. Turkish Get ups (TGU)
  2.  SB Plank circles

hmmm....turn your head to the right:)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stability Ball Supine Dowel Shifts

Hi Everyone,
I hope you have had an opportunity to master the other exercises in the Core Stability Series.  My latest addition to the series is call the SB Supine Dowel Shifts.  This exercise is deceivingly difficult.  Give ti a go, and be sure that your hips and shoulders remain level throughout the entire exercise.  Perform this exercise for a certain time limit.  I would begin with 20 seconds and work your way up in time.

Good Luck.

Living Life with No Regrets!... No Excuses!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Punishment at the "Pit"

Happy Friday!
We changed things up a little at the FITE Club this morning.  It is a beautiful morning so we took to the outside for a little workout in the Adventure Pit.

It was an awesome group today with a couple newcomers in Di and Ana.  They and everyone else did awesome!

We started out with a dynamic warm up that include various sprint drills, carioca, and hip mobility.  Then it was time to "Do Work"!

Everybody partnered up, so we had 5 groups of 2.  My advanced math skills tells me that is a total of 10 people:)  We had a 5 stations to work through spending 5 minutes at each station.

Station 1:
Rope climb up the 25 foot wall.  (you could substitute dead hangs on a pull up bar if you like)
Diane and Sabrina Climbing the rope

Station 2:
Medicine Ball rotational throws over the small 7 foot wall.  2.5 minutes on each side
Jim and Frank- Rotational toss

Station 3:
Medicine ball squat throws over the tall 12 foot wall.
Ana and Di squat tossing over the big wall

Station 4:
Medicine ball over head reverse throws (have your back to your partner and start with the MB in your hands in a deep squat position, explode up with triple extension (ankle, knees, and hips) and throw the ball over your head to your partner)

Station 5:
Sledge hammer tire slams or lunges (use an 8 or 16 lb sledge hammer and chop into a large tractor tire).  2.5 minutes each side... or you can do a lunge.  As you lunge forward chop with the sledge hammer over your front leg.
Robin destroying the tire!

We had a blast today on a beautiful morning.  Next Friday I will be in LA so have fun without me!

Living Life with No Excuses... No Regrets!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Plank Variations: Reaches

Hi Friends,
This exercise is called "Plank with Reaches".  It is a great progression from a traditional plank.  It is much more difficult as it will force you to stabilize your hips more to complete the exercise.  Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Living Life with No Regrets...No Excuses!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stability Ball Plank Circles

Hi Friends,
Here is a new video from my "Core Stability Series".  This is one of my favorite Core Stability exercises.  It is much more difficult that it appears.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

If you need a stability ball, click the thing on the side of this page.  Perform better is where we get the majority of the equipment in the personal training studio.

Living Life with No Regrets...No Excuses!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

90/90 Progression: Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization

Hi Everyone,
Here is a new video that will help you stabilize your lumbar spine and lift heavier!

Living Life with No Regrets...No Excuses!

Friday, February 24, 2012

F.I.T.E Club Workout: 50-10 Circuit

Hi Everyone,
Here is a great workout to kick off your day.

50-10 Circuit.  You will complete each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest (read: transition).  Stay at each stations for 2 rounds before moving on to the next exercise.  Once you have completed the entire circuit, rest for 3 minutes and then repeat!
                                                           TRX Atomic Push-up

  1. Cable machine- Single arm chest press (change arms after first 50 seconds)
  2. Step ups (change legs after first 50 seconds)
  3. TRX Row (can do a body row with a barbell in a squat rack)
  4. TRX Atomic Pushup
  5. Kettle Bell Single Leg Romanian Dead lift (can use a dumbbell)
  6. Plyo Lunges
This should last about 40 minutes with a warm up.  We then finished the workout with flexibility and mobility work.

Living Life with No Regrets... No Excuses!

Friday, February 17, 2012

300 Squats will wake you up!!

Good Morning,
Just completed another FITE Club workout.  We had 1 newcomer today as Jenna joined the group.  Great effort by everyone.  Enjoy!

  1. 100 Air Squats
  2. 50 Walking lunges ( I used 25 lb dumbbells)
  3. 50 Cross behind lunges (25lbs)
  4. V- ups
Repeat 3 times for time

  1. Assisted Pull ups 10x
  2. Tube metabolic back (double arm row 20x fast, Archers 20x fast. Swimmers 20 x fast)
  3. Dumbbell bicep curls (was needing some aesthetic appeal:)
Repeat 3 times

Living Life with No Regrets... No Excuses!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Dead Bug: Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization

Hi Everyone,
Here is the second video in my Core Stability Series.  It is called the Dead Bug.

Living Life with No Regrets...No Excuses!

Stability Ball Triple Play

Hi Everyone,
Here is a new video for you.  I recently filmed a whole series on Core Stabilization Training.  Give it a go and enjoy!

Living Life with No Excuses...No Regrets!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard"

Hi Everyone,
Are you tired of reading and hearing about Tim Tebow yet?  I am a huge Tebow fan, but am extremely tired of hearing everyone in sports talk about all the reasons why Tim should not be successful in the NFL.  It is like exercise when people tell me 100 reasons why they can’t do something, but have a hard time telling me one reason why they should.  My son and I have been reading Tim Tebows’ book, “Through My Eyes”.  It is a great book for kids and we ran across a quote from his book that really stood out. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.”  So, for all the talking heads that can’t understand why Tim is winning I will refer to that quote.  “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”  We all know Tim is not the best “quarterback” in football but one thing we in the Gator Nation can tell you from the 2008 season is that no one will work as hard as Tim to be successful.  We see this all too often in sports and in life.  Some people are gifted with unique skills and talents, but don’t have the work ethic to use those gifts effectively. 

Don’t let the media and marketing companies fool you.  Getting results is not easy and exercise is not always fun (if you are working hard enough).  But if you want something bad enough and work harder than the person next to you, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.  Results are earned!  They are not passed out freely.  Nothing worth having comes easy.  Hard works pays off.  Train hard, eat smart and make 2012 your most accomplished year yet.

Living Life with No Excuses…No Regrets,

"Life Is Motion"

"Life Is Motion"
Turkish Get Up