Friday, March 9, 2012

Punishment at the "Pit"

Happy Friday!
We changed things up a little at the FITE Club this morning.  It is a beautiful morning so we took to the outside for a little workout in the Adventure Pit.

It was an awesome group today with a couple newcomers in Di and Ana.  They and everyone else did awesome!

We started out with a dynamic warm up that include various sprint drills, carioca, and hip mobility.  Then it was time to "Do Work"!

Everybody partnered up, so we had 5 groups of 2.  My advanced math skills tells me that is a total of 10 people:)  We had a 5 stations to work through spending 5 minutes at each station.

Station 1:
Rope climb up the 25 foot wall.  (you could substitute dead hangs on a pull up bar if you like)
Diane and Sabrina Climbing the rope

Station 2:
Medicine Ball rotational throws over the small 7 foot wall.  2.5 minutes on each side
Jim and Frank- Rotational toss

Station 3:
Medicine ball squat throws over the tall 12 foot wall.
Ana and Di squat tossing over the big wall

Station 4:
Medicine ball over head reverse throws (have your back to your partner and start with the MB in your hands in a deep squat position, explode up with triple extension (ankle, knees, and hips) and throw the ball over your head to your partner)

Station 5:
Sledge hammer tire slams or lunges (use an 8 or 16 lb sledge hammer and chop into a large tractor tire).  2.5 minutes each side... or you can do a lunge.  As you lunge forward chop with the sledge hammer over your front leg.
Robin destroying the tire!

We had a blast today on a beautiful morning.  Next Friday I will be in LA so have fun without me!

Living Life with No Excuses... No Regrets!

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