Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training Log- Wed. 3/30/2011: Pushing Strength

Workout of the Day: Wednesday 3/30/2011

Training Focus:
Pushing Strength

Power Plate movement prep.
Shoulder mobility
Active chest swings


A. Overhead squats, 10x
3 sets

B1. Dumbbell incline chest press, 10x
B2. Concept Row, 300 meters fast as possible
3 sets

C1. Machine Chest Fly, 10x
C2. Machine Post fly(rear delts), 10x
3 sets

D. Dumbbell triceps overhead press, 10x
3 sets

E1. Ab wheel roll-outs, 10x
E2. Pilates stuff w/ body bar, 10x

Although the focus of today's workout was pushing strength, I had to include a "big bang" exercise with the overhead squat. Then I was feeling like I needed a little additional core work at the end.
Enjoy, good luck, and train hard!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Power Book List.... Business Edition!

Hey Everyone,
I just got back from the IHRSA convention in San Fransisco. As always, it was a great experience. I had the opportunity to listen to many successful business leaders both inside and outside of our industry including: Daniel Pink, Patrick Lencioni. and my favorite of the week was Zappos Ceo, Tony Hsieh.

Their presentations inspired me to continue to grow as a leader. So, today I wanted help inspire you to grow by sharing a list of some of my favorite books on leadership and business. These are great books that can help you grow regardless of your position or title. Whether you are a owner, CEO, manager, employee, a student, or a parent, we all have room to grow and these books have helped millions of people do just that.

The One Minute Manager. Kenneth Blanchard, and Spencer Johnson
Good To Great. Jim Collins
The E Myth. Michael Gerber
Jack Welch and The 4E's of Leadership. Jeffrey A. Krames
Leadership. Rudolph W. Giullani

Currently Reading......
How to Win Customers & Keep them for Life. Michael LeBoeuf
Delivering Happiness. Tony Hsieh

Future Reading.....
Drive, The Surprising Truth about what Motivates us. Daniel Pink
Tribal Leadership

I hope you enjoy growing and getting better with these books like I have. In a future blog I will provide a list of fitness, exercise, and sports medicine books to peak your interest and help you grow physically as well as mentally.

Living Life with no Regrets....... No Excuses!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

MTS of The Week- 10 Minutes of Fun!!

Hey Everyone,
I am re-posting a blog from a close friend and coworker, Robin Zukowski. I helped her design this workout for her Friday Funday workout group. It is brutal!!... Have Fun!

Scooter's 10 minutes of fun workout!
Today's workout almost got me. It starts off with you thinking, "ok, I think I can do this" and ends with, "man, I am not sure I can do this...". But, we all finished in a little less than an hour. You start with 4 stations. Each station has 2 people and for the most part 2 exercises. You and your partner switch back and forth between the 2 exercises for 10 minutes with NO REST. After your 10 minutes of work, rest 2 minutes and move to the next station. It is 40 minutes of total work. This is what we did:

station 1)
partner dynamax slam followed by a burpee with push-up
(slam the 16-20lb ball to the ground and immediately do a burpee with a push-up. meanwhile, your partner slams the ball and does a burpee with a push-up. rotate between you and your partner for the entire 10 minutes).

station 2)
10 dumbbell step ups (20-40lb) on each leg
rotate with hold a water filled stability ball, a.k.a. "slosh ball" overhead until your partner is done with step ups. then switch back and forth for 10 minutes.

station 3)
20 rope slams
until your partner is done.
switch for 10 minutes, no rest.

station 4)
10 box jumps
kneeling up downs
until your partner is done with box jumps.
(to do a kneeling up down, start in a squat position, lower your right leg to the floor followed by the left so that you in up in a kneeling position. then bring the right foot followed by the left food back in front of you so that you are back in a low squat position. repeat, alternating which leg goes down first).

"Life Is Motion"

"Life Is Motion"
Turkish Get Up