Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training Log- Wed. 3/30/2011: Pushing Strength

Workout of the Day: Wednesday 3/30/2011

Training Focus:
Pushing Strength

Power Plate movement prep.
Shoulder mobility
Active chest swings


A. Overhead squats, 10x
3 sets

B1. Dumbbell incline chest press, 10x
B2. Concept Row, 300 meters fast as possible
3 sets

C1. Machine Chest Fly, 10x
C2. Machine Post fly(rear delts), 10x
3 sets

D. Dumbbell triceps overhead press, 10x
3 sets

E1. Ab wheel roll-outs, 10x
E2. Pilates stuff w/ body bar, 10x

Although the focus of today's workout was pushing strength, I had to include a "big bang" exercise with the overhead squat. Then I was feeling like I needed a little additional core work at the end.
Enjoy, good luck, and train hard!!

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"Life Is Motion"
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