Sunday, March 6, 2011

MTS of The Week- 10 Minutes of Fun!!

Hey Everyone,
I am re-posting a blog from a close friend and coworker, Robin Zukowski. I helped her design this workout for her Friday Funday workout group. It is brutal!!... Have Fun!

Scooter's 10 minutes of fun workout!
Today's workout almost got me. It starts off with you thinking, "ok, I think I can do this" and ends with, "man, I am not sure I can do this...". But, we all finished in a little less than an hour. You start with 4 stations. Each station has 2 people and for the most part 2 exercises. You and your partner switch back and forth between the 2 exercises for 10 minutes with NO REST. After your 10 minutes of work, rest 2 minutes and move to the next station. It is 40 minutes of total work. This is what we did:

station 1)
partner dynamax slam followed by a burpee with push-up
(slam the 16-20lb ball to the ground and immediately do a burpee with a push-up. meanwhile, your partner slams the ball and does a burpee with a push-up. rotate between you and your partner for the entire 10 minutes).

station 2)
10 dumbbell step ups (20-40lb) on each leg
rotate with hold a water filled stability ball, a.k.a. "slosh ball" overhead until your partner is done with step ups. then switch back and forth for 10 minutes.

station 3)
20 rope slams
until your partner is done.
switch for 10 minutes, no rest.

station 4)
10 box jumps
kneeling up downs
until your partner is done with box jumps.
(to do a kneeling up down, start in a squat position, lower your right leg to the floor followed by the left so that you in up in a kneeling position. then bring the right foot followed by the left food back in front of you so that you are back in a low squat position. repeat, alternating which leg goes down first).

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