Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Your Last excuse just went back to school!"

Wow! For the first time ever it has been more than 1 month since my last blog post. 

What happened to July?

Well the good news is I have continued a very constant training plan.  The bad news is I haven't written about them.  July has been a crazy month for me.   For starters, I closed on a new house on July 3rd then spent the next week moving in.  I then took a week off to head to Madeira Beach for a little rest and recovery time for which my body really needed.  Got back from the beach and had to continue the moving process... I will definitely hire a moving company for the next move!  Just as things started to get back to "normal" is was off to North Carolina to help my sister in law move down to Florida and into my old house.
So, again things are getting back to normal.  I am a routine kinda guy and I need normalcy.  Summer is almost over, kids will be back in school.  One of my favorite summer time quotes is "your last excuse just went back to school!" So lets "Do Work!"

Today I have 2 weeks worth of work outs for you to try.
Week 1
  1. Core Series: (30sec work- 15 sec rest for 3 minutes) repeat 2x
    1. DB Romanian dead lift
    2. Plank
    3. DB Romanian dead lift
    4. Plank
  2. Core Series: (30- 15 for 3 minutes) repeat 2x
    1. SB Bridge
    2. SB Bridge with leg extension
    3. pushups (multiple variations)
  3. Strength (40-15 for 4 minutes) repeat 3 x
    1. Lumbar jack press or DB squat to overhead press
    2. Split squat (rear leg elevated) right side
    3. Split squat (rear leg elevated) left side
    4. Val slide high plank reaches
  4. Strength (40-15 for 4 minutes) repeat 3 x
    1. Cable row
    2. KB Goblet Squat
    3. TRX row
    4. SB kneeling roll out

SB Kneeling rollout

Hamstring dives
 Week 2
  1. Core Series: (30sec. work - 15sec. rest  for 3 minutes) repeat 2x
    1. Hamstring dives right side
    2. Parner MB rotational toss right side
    3. Hamstring dives left side
    4. Parner MB rotational toss left side
  2. Strength (45-15) 3 x
    1. Lunge to curl
    2. Dumbbell single arm bench row, right
    3. Dumbbell single arm bench row, right
  3.  Strength (45-15) 3 x
    1. Kettle bell high pull
    2. KB swing curl
    3. KB American swing
      SB Pike roll in
    5. SB pike roll in
  4. "Metabolic finisher" (20-10) 4x
    1. Tube swimmers
    2. High plank step ups
    3. Ice skaters

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"Life Is Motion"
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