Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Flight Plan to Make Your Fitness Routine Soar

Back to School, Back to the gym. A New Flight Plan to Make Your Fitness Routine Soar

It’s that time of year again. School, work, sports practices, weekend sporting events, family time……. You name it and this time of year everything kicks in full swing. How does one find time to do things that our body needs to keep going, like exercising and eating properly? There is just no time to go to the gym and cook healthy meals between taking the kids to and from school, going to work, taking them to practices, etc. Does this sound familiar?

I hear the above “turbulence” on a daily basis. So let’s try to make this transition back into school as smooth as possible by following these simple ideas.

Our first step is to sit back and breathe for a moment. The first couple weeks of school are hectic, crazy, and confusing. Let your schedule fall into place then start the next step, which is to plan ahead and prioritize. Planning ahead and prioritizing are vital steps to having a successful fitness routine. We need to not only plan specifically when we can exercise, but also what we are going to eat throughout the day. Every night you should plan exactly what you will be eating on the following day. What healthy snacks will you take with you to work? What will you be eating for lunch? These are vitally important to eating healthy consistently. When you don’t plan ahead and prepare your meals and snacks it is very easy to stop for a fast, convenient, fatty processed meal. This may also require taking some time on a Sunday to do your grocery shopping so that you can free up some time during the week for family time.

Planning when you will be exercising is your next step. And maybe more importantly, planning what you will be doing when you get to the gym. All to often fitness professionals see people wandering around the gym looking for what they should do next. This is a major time waster that can be simply eliminated by having your exercise routine planned when you come to the gym. There is no reason to spend 1 ½ to 2 hours in the gym, especially if you are wasting a lot of that time trying to figure out your next exercise. If you need help with planning an exercise routine you have many options at your finger tips, from personal trainers to social network sites.

Having a training partner is the next recommendation. Some of us don’t always have that self motivation to go to the gym consistently. Having a training partner makes you accountable to them as well as your self. We all need a little “push” at some point, and your training partner is there for you as much as you are there for them.

Remember, everything worth achieving requires work, consistency and patience. Where you are on day three of your exercise program is meaningless. What matters is where you are on day three hundred and, further, day three thousand.

Live with No Regrets, No Excuses!

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