Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Top 10 Qualities of World Class Certified Personal Trainers

Many people ask; What makes a good personal trainer? What should I look for when hiring a personal trainer?

This is something I have spent a lot of time looking into. As a matter of fact, we base a large percentage of our hiring process on the qualities we have identified based on our best, most successful trainers.

 The Top 10 Qualities of World Class Certified Personal Trainers

  1. Knowledge- Knowledge begins with the personal trainer learning the theoretical "why" to how to write programs and train clients based on both their wants and needs.  This will always come in the form a personal training certification, as usually a 4 year Degree in some type of exercise related field.  
  2. Experience- Experience might actually be the most important traits because only through "time under the bar" can the personal trainer take that formal education and put it to practical application.  There are certain things that you just can't learn from books or lectures.  The only way to learn those things is to get out, get your hands dirty and train yourself and others.
  3. Confidence- Probably one of the biggest destroyers of otherwise good personal trainers.  A trainer might have all the knowledge in the world but if they can't comfortably coach clients with the conviction that they know exactly how to help you achieve success, then they themselves will never be successful as a certified personal trainer.  Confidence is king!
  4. Attention- to detail and to your client.  Not much else I need to say here.  It's the little things that make the biggest impacts.  If your CPT is more concerned with his/her surroundings, rather than focusing on you and your program then find someone who cares.
  5. Communication- Will make or break any relationship, professional or personal.  Your trainer must be able to communicate their plans and path for you.  Sometimes, you as the client cannot see the big picture or feel the results.  If this happens it is because the CPT has not communicated the vision and plans
  6. Passion- You'll know it when you see it.  Passion will standout, emotions will spill, enthusiasm will be contagious.
  7. Vision- A trainer with vision knows why they are in this industry and they know where they want to take it.
  8. Adaptability- A world class personal trainer has to be able to think on their feet and create modifications to a program on the fly.  The only constant thing in our world is Change, and a CPT has to be willing and able to change based on situations thrown their way.
  9. Consistency- Results are obtained through consistent actions.  A trainer must be consistent with their scheduling and availability, consistent with their programming and consistent with their accountability.
  10. Commitment to their "craft/ trade"- This is a never ending,  always changing process that required countless hours of continuing education.  I call this "sharpening your saw".  Trainers need to be committed to the concept of "Kaizen" or continuous improvement.
When I interview for personal trainers I look at these qualities as a baseline for requirements.  Positive attitude, adaptability, consistency, knowledge/experience, caring, passionate, educated, detail orientated, confidence, and the eagerness to take on responsibility are the common themes for a World Class Certified Personal Trainer.

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