Friday, October 28, 2011

Dumbbell Complex

Hi Everyone,
Over the past couple of week I have been doing some testing with my clients.  Normal PFT (physical fitness test) including Vo2 max, 3 RM strength test, body composition, etc.  We have also been doing a timed work out to test overall work capacity.  Give this a try and then post your best time below.

** This circuit will be for 5 rounds.  First round complete 8 repetitions, 2nd = 10, 3rd= 12, 4th= 10, and the 5th round= 8 repetitions.  Try to pick a weight that will be challenging for the most difficult exercise below and use the same weight for all exercises.  The goal is to complete the circuit with as little rest as possible.

  1. DB alternating curl
  2. DB High pull
  3. DB Bent row
  4. DB Thrusters
  5. DB lunge
  6. DB plank row (renegade row)
  7. Ice Skaters
Scott        29:00
Jim           30:11
Sharen      32:45
Margaret   31:10
Dennis      27:14 (3 rounds)
Carla        24:22 (3 rounds)

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"Life Is Motion"
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