Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life is Motion...Enjoy it outside!

Just a couple random thoughts to talk about tonight.

I just returned from a nice little mini vacation in North Carolina. We started in Hendersonville, and made trips to Asheville, and then Boone to do a little tubing on the not so fresh snow..... Anyways, we had the opportunity to go out for a nice hike. And it was just a nice reminder of how nice spending some time in nature can be and how easy it can be to get exercise no matter where you are.

My clients travel frequently and I always make it a point to recommend exercises they can do no matter where they are. You don't need a nice gym with fancy equipment to get a good exercise session in. As a matter of fact, my new clients don't even touch a weight until they have good control of their body first. And everyone of them is surprised to see and feel just how sore they can be by just using body weight as a modality.

Like I said, just some random thoughts. But just remember it is amazing how beautiful and physically rewarding a simple hike through the woods can be. Take advantage of the cooler weather and get outside and get some exercise.

I have just posted a new video on youtube. "Turkish Get-Up. Dissecting the Turkish get-up". I will get the link posted soon.

Triathlon season is right around the corner. i will be posting a beginners training program for free soon. Check my website soon for further details. www.mtsfitness.com

Keep Moving

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"Life Is Motion"

"Life Is Motion"
Turkish Get Up