Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nutrition made easy!!

Tonight I am going to keep it short and sweet! So, I just returned from a "Perform Better, Learn-By-Doing" seminar. I learned a lot of great information, but the one thing I wanted to share with you is a very basic nutrition tip from Chad Waterbury, then adapted by Mike Boyle.

Mike brought up a good point in his presentation and I agree with him 100% because I hear the same thing all the time. He said "everybody know about good nutrition, its just most people don't do it"

A quick and easy tip from Chad: "Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Then I tell them to take fish oil"..... That's it! I loved it. Quick, easy, and every time you sit down to eat do just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mike went on to say: "Avoid grain like its poison, grain is the root to all fat evil". What most people don't realize is that "corn is a grain, not a vegetable. It is also the number one calorie source in America . Worse than corn is high fructose corn syrup"

So, keep it simple. Every time you eat be sure you are getting plenty of fruits, vegetable and lean protein. And, limit you grains. Also, try to limit or avoid processed white starchy foods.

Thanks Mike for a great presentation.
Keep Moving!

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"Life Is Motion"
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