Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big Arm Friday!!

Hey Everyone,
Just a quick little post of my Friday workout, just in case you all wanted to try it. This routine is a little more old school, a break from my typical integrated movement workouts, focusing on isolated arm training. But I am a big believer in mixing things up, and using all the tools in your tool bag! So, enjoy!

MTS of The Week.... "Big Arm Friday"

A1 Barbell bicep curls 3 sets 10-12
A2 DB overhead press tricep extension 3 X 12-15

B1 Cable rope curls (hammer grip style)3 X 10
B2 Dips 3 X failure

C1 DB alternating curls 3 x 10
C2 Supine single arm tricep extensions (skull crushers)3 x 10

Keep Moving

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"Life Is Motion"
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