Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Turkey Burner Workout

Hi Everyone,
It's Thanksgiving today and most of us will be spending the day with our families being thankful for all we have.......

And most of us will also spend today overindulging in all the great foods that our families make....... so here is a great calorie burning workout to help counter the overeating.

1. 500 meter row
2. 50 burpees or dumbbell thruster jumps
3. 250 meter row
4. 50 single arm kettle bell swings (each arm)
5. 250 meter row
6. 50 box jumps (18- 24 inch box)
7. 250 meter row
8. 50 hanging knee ups
9. 250 meter row
10. 50 skydivers or prone cobras
11. 1000 meter row.

Have fun, and leave me comments with your best time to complete this workout.

Living life with No Regrets........ No Excuses.


  1. I don't suppose you'd let me do this over a whole week- it looks like a tough workout


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"Life Is Motion"
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