Saturday, December 4, 2010

The "Travel Workout"

Hi Everyone,
Tonight I am writing you from my hotel in Maitland, Florida where I am attending a "Nutrition for Fitness Professional" workshop by Dr. Jane Pentz. It is about 11 pm and I just finished my hotel workout while watching the ACC championship game.

In the next couple of days I plan on posting some great nutrition tips that I have been learning, but tonight I wanted to share with you my hotel workout that I just completed.

This is a great 20-30 minute workout that you can do anywhere and requires no equipment. It is done in a "ladder" format, which means you start with 1 rep of each exercise in the circuit, then do 2 reps of each, followed by 3 reps of each all the way up to 10 reps of each exercise. You will complete the entire ladder non-stop with no breaks or rest.

Here it is....

1. Prisoner Squats
2. Lunges
3. Pushups.

After you complete the ladder of the above exercise you will then do my "crunch complex". Complete 3 rounds of the crunch complex.

1. Toe touch crunch, 16 reps (8 each leg)(lay on your back with you arms reached over head and legs out straight. As you crunch pull one knee towards your chest and reach for your toes with your hands. Then extend back out and repeat with the other leg)
2. Supine knee extensions, 15 reps (lye on your back with your hands resting under your butt. Pull both knees to your chest, then extend your legs straight out until they are about 8- 10 inches above the ground. Then pull your knees back in towards your chest. Be sure that your back does not arch)
3. Plank hover, 30 sec.

Enjoy this workout no matter where you are to stay consistent with your training!

Living with No Regrets........ No Excuses!

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"Life Is Motion"
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